2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept – 2017 Shangai Auto Show

2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept

Last week the innovative Chinese car company, Qoros, premiered their 2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept at the Shanghai auto show. The new electric sport sedan prototype gives us a glimpse at what’s to come when the Qoros premieres their first all-electric production model that is scheduled for a 2019 release. The company says that they are currently in the testing stages for the prototypes and that we can expect a first preview of the finished product as soon as November of this year, when they are looking to debut their new high-performance premium electric sedan at the Guangzhou auto show.

2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept

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The 2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept is the product of an international design and engineering team, lead by Mini’s designer Gert Hildebrand. Koenigsegg is also rumored to have leant their hand in the designing process. But, this would hardly be the first time Qoros has joined forces with the Swedish supercar car company since they collaborated numerous times before, most famously on the development of the model that was powered by an engine using Koenigsegg subsidiary FreeValve’s groundbreaking “camless” design.

The new Model K-EV is just over 200 inches long with a body constructed with lightweight materials in mind. Namely, carbon fiber, which Qoros designers relied heavily upon. The inventive new design features interesting elements such as the asymmetric door system that pairs a large gullwing door on the driver’s side with a regular door for the front passenger’s side that can also be slide if need be, a fully sliding door for the rear seat passengers. The asymmetrical theme carries on into the cabin where the interior has been designed to make two separate cabins. One for the front and one for the back of the vehicle, with the rear side being the one with a bit more luxurious finishes.

Powertrain and Performance

As for the drivetrain, the new 2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept is powered by a pure electric system that utilizes the electric motors at each axle. These motors are capable of delivering up to 870 horsepower thanks to the 107-kilowatt-hour battery that is mounted in the concept’s floor. Moreover, the battery features an impressive charging time and an even more impressive range, facilitated by an 800-volt electrical system. The new Model K-EV ranges over 300 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, the concept is expected to go from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept

image credit: caranddriver

2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept Release Date and Price

Being a concept, the 2017 Qoros Model K-EV Concept will never see an official release. Instead, it will morph into the Chinese car company’s highly anticipated all-electric sport sports sedan that is expected to be previewed at the 2017 Guangzhou auto show. But, the official release date for the yet to be named new model, can be expected way down the line, presumably sometime during the 2019 model year.

image source: caranddriver.com

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