2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Details

2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

An all-electric VW bus? We would be inclined to believe it if didn’t know better. The 2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept is the latest in a long line of minivan concepts VW has introduced to the public, this time at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. But, if it makes it all the way to production it would be the first one of its kind to do so, since Volkswagen has not yet capitalized on their promise and officially released one of these concepts. Nevertheless, here’s hoping.

2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

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2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Exterior

In terms of design, the ID Buzz sticks to its roots with a reimagined version of VW’s seminal minibus design of old. It is the VW bus of the future, infused with LED lighting that lights up the moment the vehicle is unlocked and its headlights open like eyes. Additionally, the Buzz incorporates short overhangs, a V-shaped front fascia and sizable windows into the aerodynamic although somewhat boxy design. It also features a set of 22 inch wheels and integrated bumpers.

2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Interior

When it comes to the interior, the cabin has been called “sort of a family room” thanks to the ample amount of room that is available inside and adaptable, 360 degree seats. Furthermore, the conventional cockpit design has been abandoned for a brand-new interior filled with high-tech features like a touch-sensitive steering wheel and an augmented reality head-up display.

Perhaps the standout feature of this concept is the I.D. Pilot. The on-board self-driving system that takes full control of the ID Buzz while the driver swivels to face the rest of the cabin and relax. However scary that may sound to some, VW promises the safest ride possible. Thanks to laser and ultrasonic sensors coupled with radar, and camera systems, other vehicles can be identified easily. Furthermore, all the data is continually transferred through the cloud, that communicates with smart infrastructure and connected vehicles. When you are ready to continue with driving, one touch on the steering wheel is enough for the ID Buzz to hand over the control. Other benefits of the I.D. Pilot are the alerts that can notify you of nearby shops, restaurants and other institutions, solely based on your own preferences.

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2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Powertrain

According to Volkswagen, the new ID Buzz Concept is galvanized by a twin motor powertrain that offers 369 horsepower and sends all that power to all four wheels. Moreover, this motor has the ability to run for about 270 miles before needing a re-charge, which takes just 30 minutes to charge 80 percent of the 111kwh battery thanks to a brand-new CSS charging system. It can also race from zero to 60 in 5 swift seconds.

2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept

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2018 Volkswagen ID Buzz Release Date and Price

There is still no word on the official release date or price and there is always a strong probability that Volkswagen will continue to tease the public with these nifty concept cars that ultimately never make it to production. However, if the new ID Buzz were to get released, we would probably expect it to arrive in the 2018 model year. As for the price, anything from

2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept at the Detroit Auto Show:

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