The Chinese-backed, Nevada based electric car startup first introduced their 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 concept at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Months passed and no new details about the FF 91 emerged, only news of financing issued with their Chinese backer and construction problems with the company’s new plant. This contributed to growing concerns that we might not get to see the FF 91 come to fruition after all.

However, Faraday Future just came out with a brand new teaser hoping to reassure all of us who are eagerly anticipating a brand-new EV to join the cause. Even though there is still uncertainty regarding the FF 91’s release, Faraday Future are adamant that they will be able to pull through and deliver the staple model even despite all of their recent shortcomings.

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The 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 will be using the Variable Propulsion Architecture (VPA), which is very adaptable for different types of vehicles, so Faraday is planning on releasing a sedan and sports car version sometime in the future as well. The VPA architecture places the battery in the bottom of the vehicle, giving it a low center of gravity. Moreover, the FF 91 will include torque vectoring and four-wheel steering that will help improve the handling. Other, more tech-centric features will include door handles with touch sensors that will open the door based on a unique FFID code, a smart glass roof that turns opaque and a set of sharkfin antennae that provide wi-fi hotspots. There is also a set of 22-inch wheels.

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Engine and Powertrain

The 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 will be powered by a multi-motor electric drivetrain with an all-wheel drive. Providing the power will be the 130-kwh battery pack, that if it all goes to plan, will be the largest battery by 30 kwh when the 2018 Future Faraday FF 91 hits the market, leaving the Tesla Model X and Model S and their power sources in the dust. This 130 kwh battery will reportedly give the FF 91 a range of 378 miles, which would also be more than any other electric vehicle that is on the market today. The engine is said to provide 1,050 horsepower with a zero to 60 mph time of just 2.39-seconds.

The FF 91 will also come with an open charging infrastructure that will allow the vehicle to charge on a 120- or 240-volt outlet, or even a 200-kilowatt fast charger. The home charger that will come with the vehicle will be able to charge 50 percent of the battery in 4.5 hours, on a 240-volt outlet.

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Autonomous Driving

Th 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 will come with the autonomous driving technology, and according to Faraday their self driving system will have the most comprehensive sensor system than any other production model that is on the market today. The FF 91 will reportedly feature more than 30 cameras, radar sensors, and lidar sensors. There will be a 3D lidar “puck” on the top of the hood that will crop up when the vehicle is in the self driving mode. Furthermore, the FF 91 will come with an intelligent self parking system in which you can exit the vehicle and let the car park itself with just one click on the special app on your phone. The vehicle will than send you a message and let you know when its done.

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2018 Faraday Future FF 91 Release Date and Price

You can already secure your very own 2018 Faraday Future FF 91 by registering at ff.com and creating an FFID where you can put down a deposit of $5,000 that is fully refundable. This deposit entitles you to an Alliance Edition model aka. one of first 300 vehicles produced. Deliveries are expected to start in the 2018 model year, but considering all of the company’s recent problems with the construction of their factory, the deliveries will likely need to be pushed even further back.

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