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The 2024 Toyota Corolla is definitely one of the biggest novelties in the automotive industry for the next year. The iconic compact car has been a benchmark for decades and still holds the position of the world’s best-selling car of all time pretty much undisputedly. We won’t waste any time on introductions but start with most interesting novelties at once. The Corolla will come with improvements in all aspects. There is a new styling, a new platform with lots of mechanical improvements, as well as much more standard equipment. Also, the new models get bigger, which will definitely bring many benefits to the inside.


  • World-class reputation
  • Completely redesigned
  • Upscale interior
  • Long list of standard equipment
  • Significantly improved driving characteristics


  • Desperately needs a performance version
  • Lackluster base engines


The new, 12th generation of the iconic compact car will come with lots of novelties. First of all, there is a new TNGA platform.This architecture under prints pretty much everything that came out from Toyota in past few years and all feature have one common thing, significantly improved driving characteristics. Thanks to a new chassis setup, the 2024 Toyota Corolla will ride much better, but also keep and improve even more comfort and convenience. Also, the new model gets bigger. It is longer, wider and gets 2.4 inches in wheelbase. In terms of styling, it adopts the brand’s newest design language, which means a face that looks pretty like the new 2024 Camry, with the same shape of headlights, grille etc. Of course, in a smaller package.


This is probably the aspect in which the new 2024 Toyota Corolla will improve most. First of all, the new model gets longer wheelbase,which will without any doubt provide more space on the inside, especially on the rear bench. Moreover, the new model gets longer rear overhang, which promises more cargo space as well. In terms of the interior design, you will notice a dashboard that looks far better. It features much more style, better materials, nicer colors, and more advanced technologies. A list of standard equipment will be longer too. For example, a new tablet-like 8-inch touch screen will be standard across the whole range.


At this point, we know two engines that will find their place under the hood of 2024 Toyota Corolla. The first one is a well-known 1.8-literunit with 138 horsepower. The other one is a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder,characterized by excellent efficiency and a max output that goes around 170horsepower. A hybrid powertrain will come completely new, but we are still waiting for official details. However, the thing that bothers us in that there is a chance that we won’t see anything more powerful, once again. All main competitors, such as Honda Civic, VW Golf, Ford Focus etc. have performance versions in the offer, while Toyota sticks to base, lackluster engines. We hope Toyota will surprise us this time.

2020 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

The new 2024 Toyota Corolla will go from one to another major car show in the first quarter of next year. Sales should start soon after. When it comes to the price, we are pretty sure that the company will keep the base version under $20,000.