2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda is a car that we have been waiting for a long time. Even now, when marketing experts from Dodge almost announced that new model will be on the market, we are not sure if that is true. The reasons are many. First of all, the very first information about this model has been heard in 2012, when the manufacturer has talked about the possible new mid-sized rear-drive car for both Dodge and Alfa Romeo, designed like a current Challenger. That information has been confirmed by CEO Sergio Marchionne in mid-2013. The next information about that was showed in 2015 when new Dodge Barracuda announced as a new model in their long-term plans and testing of some parts for that new model. That modern styling has been seen in Nevada dealer show in 2015 when it has been introduced as a 1999 Dodge Charger Concept. We waited for this model since then. The model that was represented was smaller than current Challenger.

Then, a new surprise, this model has been disappeared from the five-year plan in 2014. So now we are confused – if they are still interested in producing of this model and if it will be called Barracuda?
The name Barracuda had been dropped in June 2013, even few enthusiastic claims that there are chances that manufacturer will use the old name for the model that looks so familiar with a little old-fashioned model made by Dodge. It should be a new midsized sedan, so it should be called or Barracuda or Avenger, another similar car from this manufacturer.

Using this name could be very risky, as some models from the past have shown. First Barracuda was not a muscle car, but more a fine car made in “European style”, very attractive but a little boring for US drivers in that time. That is why designers made a new model, closer to Formula 1 version to beat Germans cars in that class with hard and strong Hemi engine with 440 horsepower under the hood. That model has not marked high selling in those years. Much more sold models were those under name Duster, which were closer to original Barracudas and had weaker engines of only 340 horsepower. People simply love Barracudas more.



2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda will be made on “G” platform/architecture that has features taken from Alfa Romeos, Dodges, and Maserati, with various sizes and shapes. This new Barracuda will like more like Camaro and Mustang than old Barracuda, but with few classic details already seen on this model.


2019 Dodge Srt Barracuda Engine 5656345
As 2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda is planned to be a coupe and a convertible, the manufacturer has chosen to put the twin-turbo six-cylinder 5.7-liter Hemi engine under the hood with 392 horsepower of strength. There is information that they could put an electric motor together with this model, but that is not confirmed yet.

2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda Release Date and Price

If all of this is true, 2019 Dodge SRT Barracuda will be represented in 2024, according to rumors.