2019 Ford Explorer should be a redesigned version of the old model, as the previous one had few problems in design and chassis which had to be changed. Even though the last model had been among the most sold SUV models, there is a problem with a platform almost 10 years old and few old-fashioned details on the cars that are not attractive anymore. The manufacturer had the main goal to stay close to competition, so since most of them had enlarged their trucks, Explorer grew, too. There are also changes in the cabin of the car worthy of mentioning.


First of all, the manufacturer has decided to move from the old CD3 platform to the new, modern and more attractive CD4 which will change many things on the car. The car should be wider and maybe longer, while it will lose extra weight thanks to the lightweights materials used in making the chassis. The new weight could be for even 500 pounds lighter than on the last model. The car will have strong muscular shape, with aggressive and massive front end and possibly squared large LED light. The rear end is also muscular with large lights. All of these we saw on spy photos made during test driving.


Since 2019 Ford Explorer has undergone only a few changes in exterior design, the cabin is not changed much from the last model. Most of the changes are only for driving comfort and enjoyment, while all great performances which buyers loved are the same.


Changing of the platform on which is 2019 Ford Explorer is made follows the changes in engine, too. The new platform cannot afford enough space for the V8 engine as on the last model, so it will not be offered in new model anymore. The same expects 3.5-liter and 3.7-liter from with and 350 pound-feet of torque and possibly a stronger engine with 400 horsepower of strength in higher trims like Platinum and Sport. Even the manufacturer has not said which transmission is planned to be paired with those engines; nine-speed automatic transmission is most likely.

2019 Ford Explorer Releae Date and Price

The manufacturer has not précised when the new model 2019 Ford Explorer will be released, but since the new VW will be on the market at the end of 2018, there are high chances that new Explorer will follow them. The price should not be much different from the price of the last model, so expect the number higher from $40,000 which is the price for base model.

Nathan and Michael prototype undergoing some high elevation testing: