2019 Ford F-450 is not only a new model in F-series but the biggest and most luxury truck that Ford ever made. According to features, we saw it could be heavier and more attractive than trucks in this class, and thanks to the stronger engine it could be stronger and capable of towing a heavy load.


The main change from the last model in new 2019 Ford F-450 is the front end, which was covered on test driving before. As we concern, it could be decorated with few new details and has softener edges this time, but nothing more. It should have the same massive shape and wide chromatic grids across it. Speaking about the massiveness, this model should be the largest in F-class, but also the most elegant and luxury among trucks. It should be much heavier, which is obvious if we know new size of the truck and it could have many new details on the truck, together with redesigned taillights. Besides that, new F-450 is much longer and wider and capable of towing 15 tons.


2019 Ford F-450 has very well equipped and designed cabin for a truck, which includes one of the greatest devices that not always seen in large trucks and some level of luxury and comfort. The seats are covered with two-tone leather and have ergonomic shape with massage functions. Some parts of the cabin will be made of wood, too. The wide dashboard has interestingly designed center cluster with large chromatic frame and air vents on them. In terms of technology, there are such things like 10-speaker audio and sound system, moonroof and a large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. There are expected features like lane departure assistant, rearview camera, cruise control and many other things.


According to the manufacturer, there will not be changed under the hood of 2019 Ford F-450 from the last model, meaning that it will have the same 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine with 440 horsepower of strength and even 925 pound-feet of torque. The only change could be the transmission, which could be ten-speed manual one this time instead of current six-speed manual. However, it is possible that new model could have both as optional.

2019 Ford F-450 Release Date and Price

2019 Ford F-450 is obviously the best-equipped truck in this series, but also the most expensive. That means that, even though base model could cost around $32,000, the highest trim with all equipment the manufacturer has prepared can have the price of even $100,000. Main competitors are Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 3500.