Mercedes-Benz is hard at work finishing the 2019 Mercedes C-Class, which is said to feature a bevy of updates and improvements for the 2019 model year. By being released as a 2019 model it would be fitting right into the Mercedes-Benz four-year cycle by the end of which these glorious updates occur, considering it was first introduced in 2015. But, we may not have to wait that long to get a glimpse of it since some brand-new spy shots of the Mercedes C-Class have surfaced, giving us a first preview of the upcoming model and a little insight into what’s to come.

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Exterior and Interior

By the looks of these prototypes in the spy shots, there will be some slight changes to the exterior design. Expect to see some brand-new bumpers, and internal updates to the head and taillights, when the official 2019 Mercedes C-Class debuts. However, expect to see a greater deal of updates on the inside. The prototypes clearly show some new features on the center console, like the touchpad controller that will take the place of the old rotary dial. Furthermore, the steering wheel gets some updates as well. It seems to feature a variety of controls and buttons that weren’t there in the previous model.

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The inclusion of these new digital features leads us to believe that Mercedes will switch to a digital instrument cluster, even though the analog one is featured in the spy shot models. This would not be anything new from Benz, since we have already seen the C-Class with the digital cluster fitted from the E and S-Class. They could also pull and Audi and offer it as an optional feature.

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Engine and Powertrain

There is still no official information regarding the engine and powertrain for the new model. But the rumor has it that 2019 C-Class will likely make use of Mercedes’ next-generation engines. This new set of engines will first appear under the 2018 S-Class’ hood later this year. It will reportedly include some major efficiency improvements like a single electric motor that will replace the starter motor and alternator and cater in a performance increase. Moreover, these engines will feature a modular design, where the 6-cylinder units move to an inline design as opposed to the current V6 design used by Mercedes-Benz.

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2019 Mercedes C-Class Release Date and Price

It is still too early to tell when it comes to the release date and price of the new 2019 Mercedes C-Class and the official info is yet to be announces. However, we expect to see the new model show up at some of the major auto shows in the first half of 2018, while the official release date will follow sometime later that year. The prices will most likely stay within the current $40,425 – $53,825 frame, but we will know for sure when the official pricing is released.