2019 Toyota A-Bat is a new, uniquely designed truck on the market, firstly announced in 2008. Even though that sounds like the manufacturer planned to make it a long time ago, they obviously needed as much time as possible to make this interesting car. First which will attract attention is its design and very soft edges, but then buyers will be highly interested in its hybrid engine made by new and special technology.


Everything on 2019 Toyota A-Bat shows that it is not a truck like we usually can see on the roads. It has the same shape of trucks, but with much softens edges and lines, so the truck is much different and almost futuristic. Its long four-bed base ends with two-bed cargo and flat roof on the top that drops on the sharp angled windshield. The extremely short front end has thin LED front lights and wide and curved bumpers, with the thin gridded grille in the middle. The rear end is decorated with small rear lines and softly edged truck door.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota A-Bat is extremely modern and very interesting for younger buyers. It is not traditionally shaped cabin but has redesigned flat seats wrapped in bright yellow leather and maybe a little rough rod made of chrome. They do not look as much comfort, as they are closer to chairs in the waiting rooms, but the manufacturer promises comfort and enjoyment during sitting on them. The wide and modernly designed dashboard is separated into two unique parts that both make the shape of the letter V and both have chromatic wide stick on the top. We expect many devices and great equipment, even though the manufacturer has still not informed us about that.


2019 Toyota A-Bat has a special and new hybrid engine, as a combination of four-cylinder petrol unit and some version of an electric engine made by a technology called Toyota Synergy Drive. Even though we still do not know numbers, the manufacturer promises the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emission in this range. This special technology allows reduction of the fuel literally steps by step from the first step. However, fuel economy is decreased to even 80%, which is way above the average.

2019 Toyota A-Bat Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has not clearly defined when the releasing date for 2019 Toyota A-Bat will be, but it is expected that it will happen very soon this year. Starting price should be around $40,000, but that could be higher in case that buyer choose higher trim.