Even though the manufacturer has not confirmed making of 2019 Toyota Corolla as the 12th generation of this attractive and very popular car, we are sure that test driving they organized lately is to improve this particular model. It is also still not known if it will be offered to US market only or to the European buyers, too, but that information will be released soon.


2019 Toyota Corolla will be made on new Toyota’s TNGA Modular Platform which is used for all cars made in Toyota in past few years. That includes new Prius, CH-R, and Camry and showed the best results for now. It presumes lower center of gravity and increased body rigidity, both in order to make handling of the car easier. That means that Corolla will be better driven than the last model.


There is no official information from Toyota about the cabin in 2019 Toyota Corolla by now, but we are sure that it will be perfectly equipped for buyers of Toyotas. That means modern equipment, high-technology and surely enjoyable and comfortable cabin with quality materials there. However, Corolla has ever been interesting to young buyers, so there are high chances that they will make attractive cabin with many interesting details.


Current Corolla iM comes with four-in-line 1.5-liter engine with 137 horsepower and 126 pound-feet of torque that sends the power to front wheels only and paired with six-speed automatic or CVT transmission. The possible engine in 2019 Toyota Corolla could be one of those four-cylinder engines that are used on Toyotas before with high possibility of a hybrid version to be found in one of the trims. Other information is not known by now, so we should wait for official information. However, transmission on Toyotas has been changed from six-speed and CVT automatic transmissions to the eight-speed automatic transmission which increases the speed but functionality of the engine. Higher trims could have even a 10-speed automatic transmission as well.

2019 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

The last redesigning of Corolla was in 2012, so it is time for redesigning which gives us the reason to expect great changes in the car. It also changed the name and badge from Corolla to Scion and back to Corolla, which confused people a little but sent a great message to the manufacturer – do not change anything. That is another reason why we expect great selling for this model. However, we expect 2019 Toyota Corolla to be on the market during this year for the acceptable price.