The new NSX has been around for a couple of years and it looks like the company prepares some changes for the near future. Most likely, these changes will come with the 2024 Acura NSX. At this point, we don’t have exact information about changes, but most reports suggest that the next year will bring even meaner Type R version. This one will feature even more spectacular performances. Besides new versions, base models could also come with a couple of changes. We are pretty sure that a lot of focus will be put on the interior improvement.


  • Attractive styling
  • Powerful and refined powertrain
  • Spectacular handling


  • Interior needs higher-quality materials
  • High price tag


As we already mentioned, a new Type R version will probably come this year. Besides expected power boost, this model should also come with a fine number of styling modifications. The current model already looks amazing, but this version should come with a couple of distinctive details that would accentuate its spectacular performances even more. This refers to a different bodywork, unique wheels design, and similar things. Some exclusive color options are possible as well. On the other side, base models probably won’t feature bigger changes. Some new details are possible, but the core should remain unchanged.


This is the aspect where we expect a lot of changes to come. The current version delivers spectacular performances without any doubt. However, its cabin doesn’t look as upscale as it should be, considering the segment and high price tag. Rivals like the Audi R8 are better in this aspect. Therefore, we count that the company will do something about it. There is a fine number of parts that feature low quality for this price tag, so we hope they will be replaced with something better. Also, we count on updates in terms of tech features. This primarily refers to the infotainment system, which could be a little bit confusing and complicated to use.


By far, this is the most amazing part of the car. Some would say it’s too complicated, but it definitely delivers spectacular performances. A system that combines a twin-turbo V6 engine with three electric motors is capable of producing 573 horsepower. Combined with superb handling, this car delivers spectacular performances, which will be even better with the arrival of a new, Type R version. Allegedly, this model will feature a max output of 641 horsepower, so we can only imagine how fast this version will be.

2020 Acura NSX Release Date and Price

We expect to see the 2024 Acura NSX sometime in the second half of year. Considering the potential arrival of the Type R version, it should be earlier than usual. Base models will continue with the pretty much same price tag, which goes around $157,500.