Ford and Shelby American have just come out with the 2017 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake, a F-150-based performance pickup truck that comes full-loaded with a V8 engine. With this decision, Ford more than makes up for their omission of the V8 engine in favor of the boosted V6 in the new model of the F-150 Raptor.

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Engine and Powertrain

With its 5.0-liter V8 powertrain, the new 2017 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake is supercharged to a to the tune of a staggering 750 horsepower. This means that the Super Snake can produce almost 300 more horsepower than the F-150 Raptor. IF you order your own Super Snake, you will get a choice between a two- or four-wheel drive, but it should be noted that even with the four-wheel drive option, the Super Snake is not intended for off-road use. Shelby would also like you to know that the F-150 Super Snake is very much a “street-oriented” truck. But is you do require better off-roading capabilities from your truck, than the 2015 Shelby F-150 model is the best way to go.

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The F-150 Super Snake was produced by Shelby who evidently heavily relied on their Mustang-based Super Snake and the lessons they learned from that project. They also had a lot of help from Ford Performance and Borla who specialize in exhaust systems. Aside from that, Shelby didn’t share too much info regarding their current project. In terms of suspension, the company only said that it has been sharpened for improved handling. When it comes to the design, the Super Snake features masterfully incorporated Shelby elements like their staple stripes and badges. It also comes with new body panels including the hood, bumpers, side skirts, and the tonneau cover. On the inside, the classic Shelby theme is continued on to the seats, dash and floor.

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2017 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake Release Date and Price

The Super Snake was just presented alongside the new wide-body Mustang concept at the Carroll Shelby Tribute and Car Show that took place at Ford’s Southern California facility. The model is currently available for order, but keep in mind that there will only be 150 units of the 2017 Ford Shelby F-150 Super Snake produced this model year. The pricing will start at $96,880 which includes a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and entry into Shelby’s official registry.

image credit: roadandtrack