2018 Dodge Avenger is still not clearly confirmed by the manufacturer, but rumors and speculations convince us that we should expect it even before 2018 ends. That is a logical step since the last model has been released 2014, which surely had great selling few years, but now is time for changing. As we saw by now, we should expect the same designed car, with kept all interesting and attractive features and details, possibly changed the engine and improved equipment. In terms of technology, there are many novelties, which we could mark it as among the best in class.


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There should not be many changing outside of 2018 Dodge Avenger, according to rumors. As the manufacturer aims to make new line closer to the family concept, we expect that the old model will be redesigned in that way. There should still be recognizable front grille, separated into four parts with a metallic cross in the middle, wide LED front lights and wide air intake on the bottom with rounded fog lights. The rear end keeps the same design of the simple and attractive car, with the cubic truck, wide and massive bumper and redesigned modern rear lights. Aiming to keep the old expectations in terms of speed, it has a sporty wide spoiler on the truck.


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There are many changes in the cabin of 2018 Dodge Avenger, too. Having a comfortable and wide cabin in a sporty car, the manufacturer showed that sporty car can be acceptable for family usage, too, which is fulfilled with the rich entertainment system. There is standard equipment in the base model, including Bluetooth, rearview camera, full power accessories, automatic wipers and headlights, Wi-Fi connectivity, auxiliary audio inputs and dual USB ports. There will be offered numerous color options besides the black one, like orange and white.


Although the current model has 3.6-liter V6 petrol engine 283 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, and proven performance, there are chances that manufacturer will decide to add something stronger than that, like 400 horsepower petrol engine, for example. That could make 2018 Dodge Avenger even closer to competitors, and surely improve driving performances.

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2018 Dodge Avenger Hellcat Release Date and Price

With the price of around $22,000, 2018 Dodge Avenger is not only favorable car for family usage, but even closer to competitors, like Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Passat. All of them are in that price range, offering similar or even better features. So, Dodge will have to fulfill strong demands to reach high selling numbers in years to come.