2019 Dodge Avenger is a family car with greatly designed cabin and many performances for families and children’s pleasure. Yes, we know that sounds awkward, since Dodge has always been a synonym for speed and great driving performances, but it seems that manufacturer followed market demands and learned how to fulfill buyers’ needs. That is why cabin in this car is so wide and comfortable, even though we are not expected that from Dodge. However, exterior design is still amazing, keeping the same line with classic Dodge models, so everybody should be satisfied.


As we said, you will notice sporty rough design on the outside of the 2019 Dodge Avenger, as the manufacturer has been popular to sporty cars in past. However, there are many redesigning and changes which made the car softer and more sedan-line than before. The impressive front grille has sharp LED lights as additions to wide trapezoidal mesh grille, separated on four, with wide air intake below it. This flat front end has simple, horizontal LED lines as fog lights. Usually, curved rear end, with many bunches and lines are now soft and rounded, so it looks more like on sedans. Thus, sloped roof supports the sporty shape, as well as large tires.


As the car is planned to be offered mostly among the families, the cabin in 2019 Dodge Avenger is roomy and warm, with less space for legs, but still enough to provide comfort for long driving. Design of the cabin and seats, on the other hand, look like the model is still connected to its sporty past; so many future buyers will recognize classic sporty design on them. A combination of two colors, black and red is there to support that old-fashioned look. Simply dashboard has important commands placed in the middle, with 7-inches touchscreen on the top of them.


We are sure that everybody wants to know how the engine in 2019 Dodge Avenger looks like and if it followed new aims of the manufacturer or the old sporty usage. With 2.4-liter V6 this petrol engine is capable of producing 276 horsepower, which is way more than on sedans, so the answer is itself imposed. However, we are still not informed about other important data, like fuel consumption and acceleration time, but we expect numbers closest to sporty cars.

2019 Dodge Avenger Release Date and Price

For the very favorable price of $21,000, 2019 Dodge Avenger will be released in fall 2018. We predict great selling season after that.