Although there are some doubts in elegance, luxury, and exclusivity of new 2018 Lincoln Continental, we should not forget that name Continental when it follows this famous brand always means the best in class and something amazingly different and exclusiveness. If we remember how great models came out under this brand back to 1939, when a first elegant model with extended hood came out, or in 1956 when Kennedy established the synonym of elegance, we could not forget that the name Lincoln can be only the best in this class and nothing less than that.


As we saw the first photos of 2017 Lincoln Continental we are sure that it has everything is needed to keep step with high popular models in the class. Rhomboidal (but with soft edges) mesh grille has an elegant chromatic line around it. Wide gridded air intake below it has two mouths on the sides with for lights. LED front light has still a shape of traditional lights on old models, with flat extended hood decorated with two lines on the top. The car has a unique soft look, with squared shape but rounded edges, which end on also long truck and recognizable look of the truck door. The feeling of elegance and luxury fulfills chromatic line around windows and mirrors.


The cabin in 2017 Lincoln Continental simply has to be elegant and comfortable, and it surely is. The manufacturer has not changed the traditional look of large luxury cabin popular in these models, so we should not be surprised with the wide and large dashboard, made mostly of quality plastic with chromatic details and old buttons and commands. However, things like Ford Sync3 system and 30-way adjusting leathered seats together with voice commands and navigation and climatic control buttons on the steering wheel should keep the step with modern technology in cars nowadays.


Three engine options in 2017 Lincoln Continental should satisfy every buyer, with 300 to 400 horsepower of strength depending on the type of 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged EcoBoost engine they choose. Paired with six-speed automatic transmission and optional all wheel driving system it could be one of the strongest elegant cars in the class. The fact that this Lincoln has increased the speed of 60 mph for 5.0 seconds sounds impressive.

2018 Lincoln Continental Price

As the manufacturer promised many trim versions of 2017 Lincoln Continental, we can expect a wide price range of final version you choose. The base models should cost around $60,000, but that price can go over $65,000 depending on equipment.