2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition is one of those muscle sporty cars that only special drivers, like Bart Reynolds, the official driver of the car, can drive. However, there are many reasons to describe this car as the most powerful and attractive among sporty cars nowadays. Changing only in details from the last models, placing the stronger engine under the hood and making the cabin more elegant has made this car very attractive even for those who usually do not like sporty cars. All of these, together with the fact that this car is possible to buy only on demand raise its already high price.


2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition is designed like old-fashioned muscle sporty cars, but with many modern details and additions. The front end has a recognizable double meshed grille with thin LED lights on the sides and wide metallic addition on the bottom. The rear end has three LED lines over the truck door instead of classic rear lights, while the roof is removable which adds to the car even more attractiveness. As the opposite of classic sporty cars, it is longer and wider, with elegant lines on the sides.


The cabin in 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition is as luxury and elegant as on many sporty cars, with two colors leathered seats, modern dashboard and many high-tech additions, like USB and Bluetooth ports, touchscreen with all commands and many other things. Many of them are possible to order from the manufacturer.


As far we know, 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition will be powered by three engine options. Base model should get 3.7-liter V6 with 310 horsepower of strength. The stronger model will have 5.0-liter with 426 horsepower while the strongest model could have 6.2-liter V8 with 565 horsepower and 551 pound-feet of torque, but that engine is not confirmed yet. Even though the manufacturer said that it could be driven on front wheels, there is an optional version with the all-wheel driving system.

2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition Release Date and Price

As 2018 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition is possible to buy only by order, there will not be usual releasing date. We cannot say how long preparation and waiting for this car takes, as that depends on customer’s demands. We can predict the price higher than $100,000, but that also depends on your wishes. But, if you are willing to buy it, you will get a strong and fast car designed to be more attractive and modern than any other current sporty car on the market.


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[Image Source: transamdepot.com]