Maybe the name 2018 Toyota GT86 sounds familiar to you but people are not sure what that name exactly means. Even though Toyota has established it in 2011, it has numerous versions ever since then. Some of you will recognize under the name Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S, and calling this car with any of these names will not be a mistake. The reason is so many versions Toyota has shown by now, but when we talk about this car model, we should use name GT86. However, it has undergone few changes from the last model, mostly in term of design, but there are also some of the innovations in cabin equipment and engine strength.


The outside of 2018 Toyota GT86 has typical shape and design of sports car, meaning massive front end, large tires with many curves and decorations. The front end, besides the wide and deep mesh grille has curved and thin LED lights, well incorporated in hood line, while the sides of front bumper have big air intakes with fog lights. The rear end is interesting thanks to metallic protection on the bottom of the rear bumper and two exhausts on the sides of the bumper. The rounded roof is lowered at the end, so the car gets the additional aerodynamic shape.


There is no much surprise about the cabin in 2018 Toyota GT86. When we say that, we mean on quality materials in two contrast colors and visible buttons and commands towards transparency and safe driving. The shape and design of seats, dashboard and steering wheel are sport-like soft and compact, but infotainment system is like on most expensive cars in the high class. Besides the new brake system and many additions in term of navigation and cruise control, there are numerous supports for knees, shoulders, and heads of the passengers.


Placing the proven 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine in 2018 Toyota GT86 should not be strange at all. Toyota obviously plans to leave the same, good things in their cars and there is no reason to change them. This model has 200 horsepower of strength and 290 pound-feet of torque, but its speed will not be achieved only thanks to the engine power, but thanks to the lightweight materials manufacturer used this time. Matched with the eight-speed automatic transmission, also shown in last models, this Toyota is ready to beat up every competitor in the class.

2018 Toyota GT86 Release Date and Price

Even though we have no official confirmation for releasing of 2018 Toyota GT86, we expect this model at the end of the year. Base price should be around $20,000.