The new generation of this dynamic sports car has been spotted on the road and latest reports suggest it could hit the market already in the next year, as 2024 Toyota GT86. Expectations from the new model are pretty big. The current generation has a fine amount of weak points but definitely shows lots of potentials. That is the reason why we expect to see the new version much better in so many ways. First of all, a new engine has been rumored. It should bring much more power and make the GT86 more competitive. Count on various other technical improvements, as well on a completely new styling and interior design.


  • Completely redesigned
  • New, more powerful engine
  • Excellent handling
  • Driver-oriented cabin


  • Tight rear seats
  • Very limited cargo area


The current generation of the GT86 is present on the market for a not so long time but definitely doesn’t fit Toyota’s current styling philosophy. Therefore, this redesign should bring lots of aesthetical solutions. You may put all your money and bet that the new model will take a lot of inspiration from the upcoming, resurrected new-generation Supra. Count on similar lines and touch, on a pretty similar overall shape, just in a smaller package. In terms of mechanics, we expect to see things like notable weight reduction, new suspension setup and similar things.


We are pretty sure that the 2024 Toyota GT86 won’t step back from the current design philosophy when it comes to the interior design. In practice, that would mean the same approach that includes pretty simple, driver-oriented dashboard design, with just a touchscreen and a few buttons for climate controls. We definitely don’t expect to see bigger improvements in terms of the rear-bench legroom, neither much more cargo space. Still, this can’t be considered as a drawback, considering that these characteristics are pretty common for the other models in the class as well, such as Mazda MX-5, Fiat 124 Spider, Subaru BRZ etc.


You’ve probably realized so far that Toyota is definitely going to continue its cooperation with Subaru. One of the biggest benefits for the 2024 Toyota GT86 will be Subaru’s new engine. It will be much more powerful compared to the current 2.0-liter unit, which delivers around 200 hp. The new one will come with a help of a turbocharger, which will raise the output all away up to 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The new model should also adopt Subaru’s famous AWD system, as well as a familiar six-speed manual transmission. An automatic gearbox should come as optional, maybe even with paddle shifters.

2020 Toyota GT86 Release Date and Price

When it comes to the 2024 Toyota GT86 release date, we are still waiting to hear some words from the company’s officials. On the other side, the price should remain in a similar range as for the current model, which goes from $26,500 to $32,500.