As the third generation of this model 2018 Toyota Harrier should have decent improvements in term of design and cabin comfort, while equipment and engine power are slightly improved from the last model. However, what we saw on photos, Toyota will never forget their main competitors, but they also know that they will always have what to offer to the market to be fresh and unique. Rumors said that Toyota had put the best equipment in the class, as well as some technology which we never saw on other cars by now. Time will say if they were right.


Every automaker knows that design is the first thing which buyer will notice, so they offer the most interesting and attractive car. That is the case with 2018 Toyota Harrier, too. Being improved old car, Harrier had to keep famous and recognizable details but still changed and redesigned. If we look amazing front end, our attention will attract wide gridded air intake, lowered almost to the ground, with thin thick on the bottom of the bumper, with small rounded fog light at the ends. Thin LED front lights are incorporated in hood line, while between them is wide grille with chromatic grids. The rear end is SUV-like rounded with modernly designed taillights.


As we expect from Toyota, the cabin in 2018 Toyota Harrier is simple, comfort and compact, but with plenty of space for passengers and drivers. As we said, the manufacturer has put the best in term of equipment, leaving the space for large touchscreen and modern designed air vents aside them. The cabin, designed like the space shuttle is made of quality materials, with leather on the seats and quality plastic on the dashboard. The manufacturer has taken care for passenger’s safety with LCD rearview cameras and airbags.


Toyota has not risked with the engine in 2018 Toyota Harrier either. They placed 2.5-liter petrol engine capable of producing 150 horsepower and 142 pound-feet of torque. However, combined with two electric motors, it becomes a hybrid version with amazingly small fuel consumption of only 51 mpg combined. Even though it powers front wheels, there will be an option with all wheel driving system and CVT automatic transmission.

2018 Toyota Harrier Release Date and Price

According to information we got by now, we should expect to release of 2018 Toyota Harrier at the beginning of 2018, even though on the Japanese market firstly. Other markets, including the US, should wait at least for a month after that. The base price is around $50,000.