2019 BMW M9 could change one of the worst things in BMW and that is the lacking of classic sporty cars. Even though BMW stands for the great luxury vehicle manufacturer, which cars cost whenever they want and they will still have buyers, things are completely different when it comes to sporty machines. After the M1 model, BMW simply has not made any sporty model worth of mentioning, even there were many interesting cars since then. This time we are thrilled to see what they have prepared in their factory, especially after the rumors that this vehicle could replace M1 at the throne.


2019 BMW M9 has undergone many changes and improvements, proven on previous models and following the market demands and expectations. Now we are able to see a modernly designed car, much different from other sports cars from the market, mostly because of luxury details and soft shaped lines, but with many improvements in technology and design. Rounded, wide and muscular front end, covered with flat long hood has a thin air intake, also rounded with thin LED lights at the ends. There is the same designed air intake below it and wide two air intakes on the low positioned bottom of the front bumper. The rear end has redesigned rear lights with some curved lines as decoration. The whole car is lower, literally, lies on the ground.


There are high expectations about the cabin in BMW cars, so we expect the same level of luxury in 2019 BMW M9, too. Even though it is a sporty two-door coupe, there is plenty of space for five adult passengers. The cabin is made of leather and quality fabric in two colors, which could be turned in pink or orange on buyer’s demand. High-technology is the best in class, while many commands make the driving easier.


Although we are not sure in the engine to be placed under the hood of 2019 BMW M9, we could predict based on previous models from M class. As the first car in the class had a first inline engine, there are high chances that manufacturer will not stop with those models there, and it also could be something between 3 and 3.6-liter turbocharged as on M3 model. Expected strength is around 600 horsepower, although some rumors announced even 800 horses in some trims.

2019 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has not announced the full price of 2019 BMW M9, but that could be around $300,000 for the base model.