2019 Honda Civic should be slightly changed from the last version since this model has been changed for 2016 last time. Even though there is no clear and official information, we have some clues and rumors that could be used as trustworthy information about this version.


2019 Honda Civic should not be changed a lot from the last model, according to rumors. That is not unusual for cars which undergo changes in past few years as Civic did, but there should also be few changes on chassis and in design. Since the last model had great changes in design, there is no much space for this model to be changed, but few details on the front end, rear end and on bumpers could be added. It still has rounded and massive front end with large black grille and bulged bottom of the front end. On the sides of the bumper are thin lights and squared fog light below them. The rear end is rounded and short, with only a few lines and details.


The cabin in 2019 Honda Civic should not be significantly changed from the last model, meaning same wide and large as on the current model, but with more space for legs. Not only that it is covered with leather even in base trim, but it is stylized and roomy with many details placed to be even more attractive and comfortable. However, many users complained about slow infotainment system, poor touchscreen and lack of proper commands, which is not changed in this model either. We expect that the dashboard will be similar to the current one, at least in design and functionality.


According to information we have, 2019 Honda Civic should remain the same engines as on the current model. That means that it will have two versions, first is 2.0-liter petrol engine with 158 horsepower while the second one is 1.5-liter petrol unit with 174 horsepower or 180 horsepower of strength, depending on trim version. Speaking about the trim version, it will have two more engines, which are stronger than those two. There are speculations about a hybrid engine under the hood. In that case, it will be an electric unit paired with a 2.0-liter petrol engine for around 200 horsepower of strength. The transmission is 10-speed automatic as on the current model.

2019 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

It is expected that 2019 Honda Civic will be on the road at the end of 2018. Buyers could buy it for the price of $20,000 in case that they are satisfied with the base model, or they can prepare more money for the price of even $34,000.