2019 Lamborghini Veneno is a new car made under the famous name as a gift to the buyers for their 50th anniversary. In order to be generous, the manufacturer made a perfect sporty supercar which can reach the speed of 60 mph for less than 3 seconds. They made a perfectly shaped car, aerodynamic and small, but able to make the highest speed. The design, on the other hand, is closer to classic sporty cars that can be driven on the streets. The name Veneno was the name of the bull that wounded toreador 1914 in Spain.


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2019 Lamborghini Veneno is made as a combination of manufacturer’s designing resolutions and main shape of the supercars and modern demands that buyers have when supercars are about. That includes the strongly aerodynamic shape of the car with so many curves and lines, with many sharpen lines and unusual shape of the grille. There are two large LED front lights and wide air intake in the front end and short, opened rear end with a high positioned spoiler on the truck door. The manufacturer put many open air intakes on the front and rear end. The shape and position of the car are lower and the car is almost flat, glued to the ground.


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Even though we are not used to seeing elegant and classy cabin in supercars, 2019 Lamborghini Veneto is one of them which can be proud of the design made only for passengers and driver. There is a sporty combination of black and red colors, as an imitation of the outside design. Perfectly sporty shaped seats are covered with quality fabric and leather, with additional arm and headrests. The dashboard is completely functional with few buttons and rounded tasters, perfectly angled in order to be reachable for the driver.


The engine which is placed in this supercar is strong 12-cylinder 6.5-liter petrol unit with 750 horsepower that develops the speed of 212 mph. The manufacturer decided to match it with the 7-speed automatic transmission. According to official information, it could increase the speed of 60 mph for 2.8 seconds, which is above average. However, there is information that it passed only 114 miles on test driving by now, so there are many opportunities to be proven in the future.

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2019 Lamborghini Veneno Release Date and Price

There are many changes in the price of 2019 Lamborghini Veneno, but final information says that it will cost $9.5 million. Yes, you heard well, from the price of $3 million which people predicted while the car was in production the manufacturer came to the number literally impossible to be afforded by average buyer.