Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s plans to venture into the pickup market with a 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. Although he stressed that the focus is still on the third-generation Model 3 and Model Y, an all-electric pickup truck will be soon to follow, along with a heavy-duty truck, a semi-truck and a smaller crossover SUV, that will all be a part of Musk’s grand plan he himself described as “Master Plan, Part Deux”, the follow-up on his original Master Plan he published nearly a decade ago.

image credit: teslamotors instagram

Since revealing his inaugural master plan, where Musk detailed his plans to develop a fleet of electric vehicles and sustainable energy products, Tesla has managed to accomplish a great deal. From the Roadster luxury sports car, to the more approachable Model S and Model X SUV, all the way to the new mass market, cost efficient sedan. But this is only the beginning. The new master plan sets forth the grounds for a new era, where utility vehicles will be at the forefront. And we are very excited to be able to witness it.

image credit: teslamotors instagram

What can we expect from the 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck?

The concept for the as of yet unnamed Tesla Pickup is expected to see the light of day sometime this year. More specifically within the next 6 to 9 months, when we will obtain a lot more information about the new truck. However, for now not a whole lot is known about the 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. Although, that did not stop fans from creating some very realistic renderings, some of which we have gathered below, and they may give you a little insight into what you can expect to see design-wise from the new model.

image credit: autobild.de

image credit: EV.network

Release Date and Price

Taking into account the release dates of the Model 3 and Model Y, we expect the Tesla Pickup Truck to go into production in the 2019 model year. The Model Y will follow the highly-anticipated release of the Model 3, and go into production by the end of 2018. Therefore, the 2019 model year seems like a reasonable time to expect the Pickup Truck model to come to life.
As for the price, we think that the new 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck could retail anywhere between $55.000 and $75.000. But we should add that these are only our predictions and all of this information remains to be seen, when the official press release is issued.

image credit: top speed