The original Tesla Roadster was one of the first models to come out from the world’s best known electric carmaker. It was in production between 2008 and 2012. Five years later, the company presented a concept of a new version, which is about to come as 2024 Tesla Roadster. There are huge expectations from the new Roadster, especially because the company claims some ridiculous numbers when it comes to performances. In any case, the new model is expected to come already in the next year.


  • Spectacular Performances
  • Should be able to outperform every car in the world
  • Extra-long range
  • Less expensive than most rivals


  • Interior might be cheap-looking
  • Fast, but there’s no noise


Judging on the available images, we can clearly see that the new 2024 Tesla Roadster will be the most aggressively designed car that Tesla designed so far. The new model will be compact in size and it will come with the styling that shows a clear evolution of the company’s familiar design language. You will quickly notice lots of prominent cuts on the bumper, side skirts, and other areas. All of them will emphasize the car’s hyper-performance character even model. Still, many experts have found a lot of similarities with the Acura NSX, when it comes to overall silhouette, though this definitely doesn’t mean the new car lacks originality.


This area is a complete mystery at the moment. Still, we have no doubt that the company will put a lot of effort to create a super luxurious cabin. In the past, Tesla models often feature cheaper interior compared to the competition. The reason was obvious, cutting production costs. In this case, the 2024 Tesla Roadster shouldn’t be limited in a way. It will compete with supercars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Bugatti Chiron, cars that cost hundreds of thousands, of millions of dollars. Therefore, anything but the super-luxurious cabin could easily become a total failure.

Engine of 2024 Tesla Roadster

If something is going to be spectacular about this model, that would be performances. The company claims that the new 2024 Tesla Roadster will be able to get to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. It sounds too ambitious, but we have no doubt that overall performances will be spectacular. The new model will come with three hi-output electric motors and some sources suggest a max output of monstrous 1400 horsepower and tons of torque. Another impressive thing about the 2024 Tesla Roadster will be its battery, which allegedly is going to have a capacity of 200 kWh. The company clams max range of more than 600 miles.

2020 Tesla Roadster Release Date and Price

Latest reports suggest that the 2024 Tesla Roadster will arrive already in the next year. Same reports usually suggest a price around $200,000.