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After years of speculation, Toyota has finally revealed the misery surrounding its latest brand, The 2019 Toyota Supra which was unveiled on Tuesday at Geneva Motor Show. The concept of the Toyota Supra will first be unveiled as a downloadable version of a video game before the actual version is designed. The video game concept offers a virtual version of the fifth generation Toyota Supra which returns after 18 years.

Between 1978 and 2002, the Supra was one of Toyotas main lineup and one of the best performing brand. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, sports cars experienced a drop in sales, reaching a whole-time in low in 1998 when the production of Toyota Supra was discontinued. Hence this is an exciting time for sports car lovers, as they witness the re-introduction of one of the best sports cars in the market.Although the development of the actual car is expected the later in the year, or at the beginning of 2019, you can drive the virtual model of the car on PlayStation 4 of the Turismo Sports Video game by April this year.
The sports car will be developed by Toyota alongside BMW and is expected to share the same platform with BMWZ4, although the two cars will have totally different features.


Details of the Toyota Supra 2019 are still scanty, but according to the head of Toyota’s European head of R&D Gerard Killmana™s, the design will adopt the prototypes released in 2014. The Supra is expected to be 4380 mm in length, 1855 mm wide and about 1290 mm tall. It will also feature a rounded triangular layout at the corner which leads to a single strip of LED units plugging inwards. The headlights are full LED units with no halogen bulbs.

The unique feature of this model is the 50-50 front-to-rear weight distribution. According to Tan-san, one of the leading engineer consultants, the model is expected to carry 50% of its weight on the nose. This implies that it will have a low center of gravity, even lower than the 1979 model.
The chassis will be designed by BMW adopting the FT-1 styling cues. The chassis will be “frame-based”  format. It is also believed that the model will be made using aluminum and carbon to make it as light as possible. Though not yet confirmed, reports indicate that it will be the same size as Porsche 911, but a few inches longer with a sleek and modern look.

Well, this is just speculation, but as indicates, the details of the two-seat, rear-wheel sports car could be released at the New York International Auto show, at the end of March this year.


The quick-release steering wheel will feature an outline peak starting right above the driver, and slope gently downwards. It will also feature a double-built roof panel. The model will also feature a hatchback to enhance its practicality. The Supra also features digital instrument cluster (configurable), a high-resolution screen board and gear selector. Though not confirmed, it is rumored that this sports car will be the same size as Porsche 911, but slightly longer.

Engine and Performance

It is rumored that the Toyota Supra will be powered by returning version of the BMW inline 6 cylinder unit. It is expected to produce 340LP AT 5500rpm and 450NM of torque. An automatic gearbox will be used (eight-speed torque)
Information about speed is not clear, but it is rumored to be 100 kpm. It is also expected to produce estimated 248 horsepower (same as the BMW’S current offering).The car will be purely automatic.

2019 Toyota Supra Price

There is no clear information about the price but is expected to retail at a price above $50,000 thus rivaling Cayman and few other high priced cars.