We are getting ready to see a new generation of the Buick’s smallest crossover. Originally introduced six years ago, the current generation shares a lot with Opel Mokka. However, the German carmaker is not under GM any more, so the Buick will design the second generation on its own. That will be very interesting to see, especially if we consider that GM is definitely not a master in designing such small cars. Anyway, the company prepares a lot of novelties for this occasion, starting from a new platform, new styling, as well as new powertrain.


  • Completely redesigned
  • Efficient engines
  • Good fuel economy
  • Lots of standard equipment


  • Questionable premium pedigree
  • Probably won’t be a genuine luxury crossover


The upcoming redesign will bring lots of changes compared to the current model. First of all, GM develops a new architecture, code named VSS.The new 2023 Buick Encore will feature FWD layout, though all-wheel drive also sounds very possible. We count on a lot of pounds saved, as well as on better driving dynamics with this platform. Of course, the new model will bring new styling as well. This brand has always practiced rather an unusual styling philosophy. Although practically a mainstream car, it’s styling definitely aspires to the premium segment. Therefore, you definitely won’t find any sharp edges on the 2023 Buick Encore. It will come with lots of elegant lines and sleek overall layout, heavily inspired by new Enclave and LaCrosse models.


It’s no secret that Buick strives to become a luxury car.Therefore, we expect to see improvements in terms of interior materials and cabin style. So far, this brand walked on a fine line between mainstream and premium segment. With the new generation of models, we expect it will finally be able to compete with brands like Acura, Infiniti etc. Therefore, count on more standard equipment as well. As a genuine luxury subcompact crossover, the 2023 Buick Encore would have to compete with models like Infiniti QX30, Lexus UX, Volvo XC40 etc.


Under the hood, the 2023 Buick Encore will most likely come with two engines in the offer. Base models should come with a familiar 1.4-liter turbo inline-four, with a max output of 150 horsepower. We also expect to see a new version of a familiar 1.6-liter turbo engine, which should boost its output all away up to 200 horsepower. Both engines will use a 9-speedautomatic transmission.

2020 Buick Encore Release Date and Price

The 2023 Buick Encore is expected to come in the second half of next year. Considering the brand’s aspiration for the premium segment, the price will probably be much higher, so base models should cost close to $30,000.