Since the last year model has undergone significant change and redesign, the manufacturer has not changed anything in 2023 Lincoln Navigator, so we represent it only as a continuation of the last year model. It still represents great large and luxury crossover with elegantly shaped bumpers and attractive details.


2020 Lincoln Navigator is the same luxury crossover as before, with almost flat edges and lines and wide bumpers. The front end has wide mesh squared grille with also squared LED front lights and chromatic protection on the bottom. The rear end has a little vintage appearance, looking as flat trunks on trucks from 70’s. However, that makes this car even more elegant, and in combination with the flat roof makes the car even more squared. There are rails on the roof as the only sign of practical usage of the car and simple and thing rear lights.


It is absolutely nothing changed in the cabin of 2023 Lincoln Navigator from the last model, including the same equipment and design. To recall all we know from the last year, there is a 12-inch touchscreen with the infotainment system, six USB ports, but also large cargo space and wide space between two rows. The dashboard is wide and modernly designed, with simple and old-fashioned air vents and curved top of it to protect speedometer behind the wheel. However, the luxury cabin is wrapped in thick dark red leather and combined with details in wood.


As all before, the engine is unchanged from the last model. That means that 2023 Lincoln Navigator comes with the same 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission. You may see the same model on Navigator’s competition, like Ford Edge, or Volvo XC90, however, the main competition is model that has the same design and appearance of Navigator’s unique shape, and that is Chrysler Pacifica and Lincoln MKT Crossover. Those two models are elegant and large enough, with simple and flat sides and end that could be a real competition for large and luxury crossover as Navigator. However, Navigator’s engine produces 450 horsepower and even 500 pound-feet of torque, which is the highest in the class.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Release Date and Price

2020 Lincoln Navigator comes by the end of the year, for the unchanged price of $73,000 for the base model to $98,000 for the model with all equipment. According to all we know, it remains the same luxury but also equipment as before, so the same types of buyers should be interested in. along with the long list of competitions in this class come Navigator’s uniqueness and elegance that not every buyer is attracted by.