2018 BMW M9 shows that manufacturer has started with the possible production of supercars, as many popular manufacturers have nowadays. That is why this car has such improved design, completely changed details in the engine and even different materials used for making it. However, this is also maybe the most innovative sporty car we have on the market today, with many improvements which nobody used by now. BMW has learned that the greatest engine performances come only as a logical consequence of a combination of lightweight materials and perfect engine performances. Both are present in this new model.


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Making from carbon fiber allowed to manufacture to change details in design which were not practical in last models, so 2018 BMW M9 now has everything which is needed to provide speed and stability on the road, together with modern design. This curved and low machine has modernly designed front end, with a rounded wide mesh grille, incorporated in rounded hood line. Below them are two wide air intakes and very low bumper. The rear end is so short that is almost invisible, relying on large 20-inches tires and also low rear bumper. Redesigned lights on both ends of the car are not only for better visibility but also as attractive details for modern buyers.


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All we know about the cabin in 2018 BMW M9 so far is that it is made to provide quiet and comfortable area, which is not an as bad solution in cars with as strong engines as this model has. Aside from the classically designed coupe, we got similarities with Acura in the cabin of the car, which includes high-technology used in that car, too. Made in a combination of leather and fiber, the cabin offers pleasure and comfort, and thanks to the special audio system, the enjoyment is complete. There are additions like a phone charger or adjustable functions for the seats among other things.


The planned engine in 2018 BMW M9 should be 3.2-liter 6-incline twin-turbocharged one in combination with electric unit, so both can reach the strength of even 500 horsepower. Many fans could not believe that this engine aims to reach 18-20 mpg fuel economy, which puts the car together with Mercedes-Benz CL, Audi Coupe 8 and Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.
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2018 BMW M9 Release Date and Price

The main barrier for 2018 BMW M9 releasing is current model Audi R8, which represents the biggest competition for the M9. That will effect on price, too, since $300,000 for any car sounds too much, nevertheless what it offers. However, we expect to release date by the end of the year.