2018 Mazda RX8 surely meets the expectations. When it comes to Mazda, the expectations are the highest. Being a manufacturer who always offers perfectly shaped and equipped cars, Mazda simply cannot go wrong with any new model. It is well known that Mazda is among those manufacturers who are usually a tradition in families; so many new drivers decide to buy the car from Mazda as soon then got a driving license. People also stay faithful with this manufacturer after years of driving their models, so engineers in Mazda simply must offer the best in every new model.


Although 2018 Mazda RX8 supposes to be a sporty car, there is a touch of luxury we used to see on every model made by Mazda. Elliptic mesh front grille surely attracts attention at first glance, fulfilled with very thin LED front lights, well incorporated in hood line. Below them are two also thin air intakes and fog lights under them. The rear end is much shorter, so the truck is almost flat, with no many lines and decorations, only two modern rear lights. With short front end and large tires, this model represents a classic sports car with modernly shaped details.


The cabin in 2018 Mazda RX8 is as comfortable and modern as on any other models came from Mazda. We expect that, as well as great materials and perfectly positioned devices and commands on the dashboard. There is also visible luxury design, with leather and quality plastic on perfectly shaped seats. Thanks to many devices, the cabin is mostly preferred for younger buyers, but do not be disappointed even you are not among them. The car represents the best in class, whatever the buyer or future driver is. Thanks to many additions in terms of safety, this Mazda offers comfort and calm driving, with no stress.


Nothing above is that important as which engine is in 2018 Mazda RX8. The reason is great engine placed under the hood of the car. That is 1.3-liter, paired with six-speed manual transmission and with 310 horsepower. The measured acceleration time for speed of 60 miles is around 7 seconds. In case that you are not satisfied with this strength and want something more environmentally friendly, you will be able to choose a twin-rotor Wankel engine in combination with petrol unit as a hybrid version of the engine with even 600 horsepower of strength.

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2018 Mazda RX8 Release Date and Price

We will know about 2018 Mazda RX8 more after January 2018. For now, you should be prepared for the price of at least $33,000 and possibly raising the price in higher trims.