2019 Mazda RX8 has been shown in Tokyo Auto Show 2017 as a completely new concept and attracted attention as of fans as well from new buyers who have never liked Mazda. Even though many details, in this case, are taken from last cars made in Mazda (most of them are from MK Miata), this car should be a completely new brand from the manufacturer, as continuing of Wankel-powered sporty cars, which Mazda has been popular with. However, the car uses a new model of rotary engines, which could be used by other cars in Mazda, with MK-5 Miata among them.


Speaking about MK-5 Miata, it is important to say that 2019 Mazda RX8 mostly adopted parts from that old model, even it is for 103,6-inches longer than Miata. Those things already seen on Miata are the shape and design of front and rear ends, most of the chassis parts and Skyaktiv components. That means that RX8 is a low car, with the long front end, massive mesh front grille and modernly designed but very thin lights, positioned just below the hood. The rear end is also changed, with small rear lights and rounded truck door.



Now, let’s say something about that rotary engine in 2019 Mazda RX8, which will be the main feature of the car in the future. As people from Mazda said, 50 engineers have worked on the new 16X two-rotor engine, as the exclusive patent from the factory. This turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection should 400 horsepower in 1.3-liter petrol engine which is 23% better than last RX model. But, that is not all. Thanks to the new materials, which are mostly aluminum, used in production, the car is lighter, so the engine has much better performances than before. All of these should effect on fuel economy and acceleration time.

It is important to say, however, that rotary engines are not completely new on the market. Previous models have shown low thermal efficiency, which leads to high fuel consumption. That is a bad news even for truly sporty car drivers since fuel economy is most important in past few years. So, we should wait to see how the manufacturer has resolved that problem in 2019 Mazda RX8.

2019 Mazda RX8 Release Date and Price

As very attractive and modern model, 2019 Mazda RX8 should be interesting for future buyers, and if we say that base price could be around $50,000, there are high chances that it will have a good selling season. In that case, they can beat the competition like Chevrolet Corvette, Alfa Romeo C4, Porsche Cayman and Jaguar F-Type.