2019 GMC Sierra is an answer to many questions and doubts that competitors asked in past year, and according to changes they made in this car, they took competitors very seriously. The first reason is new Chevrolet Silverado, with redesigned lines of the car and improved engine, while there is a new and an old at the same time F-150 with numerous changes but many things which were the same on this car. However, new Sierra will attract attention that is for sure, and it will have their special buyers, as previous models.


It is important to say that 2019 GMC Sierra is made of many new materials which are proven to be lightweight and easily shaped by the special design of the car. In combination with aluminum, the manufacturer used high-tensile steel to make body and frame, but also carbon-fiber and thermoplastic for the bed area. In terms of design, there are few details on the car like nice gentle and elegant line from the rear end to side mirrors and changed front lights on the front of wide and massive front end. However, fans describe Sierra as much modern as Silverado, even though there are the classical boxy shape and flat lines. On the sides of rhomboidal mesh grille stands thin front lights in shape of the letter C and vertical vents below them.


Not only that 2019 GMC Sierra is comfortable and roomy inside, but it offers many details that will be interesting for long driving and travel. There are also simple and boxy shaped details, including a flat dashboard with a highly positioned touchscreen.


Even though GMC cars have always had V6 and V8 engines, it is expected that 2019 GMC Sierra will remain V6 version only. That includes standard strength range and 10-speed automatic transmission as well. On the other hand, do not expect anything less than turbocharged engine under the hood.

2019 GMC Sierra Release Date and Price

Do not be fooled by similarities that 2019 GMC Sierra has with Chevrolet Silverado, even Silverado has attracted attention in past few months thanks to so many changes it had. Sierra is still much more modern and attractive, while the manufacturer has made it be even more different from the Silverado. We expect to see new Sierra at the end of 2018, as the main trucks competitor with Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra and, of course, Silverado. It is expected to be seen on next North American Auto Show in February.