2019 Honda Accord is not that much changed from 2018 model since the current model was undergone redesigning and change in every term. Not only that it was changed in design, but it got new engines (including a hybrid one) and lightweight materials for more speed and better fuel economy. Together with that, it got a larger cabin and much better-designed driver space, with additional space for grocery and cargo.


As the last model was significantly changed, 2019 Honda Accord remains the same features and details. There is visibly massive front end with wide dark grille and very thin lights incorporated under the hood line and below the chromatic line that highlights the round line of the hood. Below them are squared fog lights. The rear end is short and covered with flat truck door and wide rear lights spread on side of the bumper. Bottom of the rear end has two squared large exhausts on both sides of the bumper. Although sloped roof slightly shorts the car, it is very long, but made of lightweight materials, like the current model.


The interior of 2019 Honda Accord is even larger and better equipped than on the previous model, which is actually the only visible change in this car. However, even though the cabin is wider and has more leg space, keep in mind that a hybrid version has no space for grocery as the petrol model. It is designed to provide reachable commands to the driver during driving, with center cluster slightly moved to the driver and large touchscreen on the top, for better commanding. There will be available fabric upholstery, together with leather in higher trims and chromatic ascents on dashboard and wheel. The equipment and technology are almost the same as on the current model.


The main change in 2019 Honda Accord is V6 engine discarding and improving the current engines, including a hybrid unit. The base model has 1.5-liter petrol engine with acceptable 195 horsepower. There is an optional engine which could be available on demand with four-cylinder and 250 horsepower. Finally, there will be offered a hybrid unit, too, which is made as a combination of an electric unit and 2.0-liter engine with 212 horsepower. All engines have CVT automatic transmission as an option together with the standard 10-speed automatic clutch.

2019 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

Releasing date for 2019 Honda Accord should be a fall of 2018. Base price should be around $24,000 while the higher price could go up to $36,000.