2019 Honda HRV is not only another great model that this Japanese manufacturer redesigned, but it is also a model that is made to be competitive with many great models, like Mazda CX-3 and Nissan Juke. Those are great and very popular crossovers, so Honda has really hard work to do in years to come. However, according to all we know, this version of HRV has many things to show but remaining all great features it is known for. Some of them are luxury and elegance, in combination with sporty look and dynamic, all packed in cute and nice small crossover.


There are many changes in the design of 2019 Honda HRV, but with the remained general appearance of Honda cars. It has the same soft and rounded front end with a recognizable mesh grille and thin LED front lights and wide mesh air intake below it. The rear end literally drops from the sloped roof, so the car got the egg-like shape, but not at the expense of size. There are redesigned rear lights and rounded truck door with a thin spoiler on the rear windows. Thanks to wide dents on the sides of the car it looks narrowed and large, with interesting details and spots.


There are no many surprises in the design of the interior in new 2019 Honda HRV as it looks like cabins in other Honda models. However, it is important to mention high luxury black and dark grey leather on the seats and comfortable cabin for taller passengers. The redesigned dashboard has all important commands reachable to the driver, and the manufacturer has put many modern high-tech devices in it.


Even though the manufacturer announced that they will offer two engines in new 2019 Honda HRV, 1.5-liter petrol and 1.8-liter one, we know specifications only for 1.8-liter petrol unit. It should have 141 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque. Both should have a six-speed manual and CVT transmission, as all other models from Honda, and should be offered as front-wheel and all-wheel system. However, the speed of 60 mph increases for 8.9 seconds, which is great for the crossover in the class.

2019 Honda HRV Release Date and Price

We are not sure if 2019 Honda HRV will beat the competition, but we can confirm that the manufacturer has prepared many weapons to win this battle. With the price range of $20,000 to $26,000, it is highly competitive on crossover’s class. However, it should be offered during this year so we will be able to estimate their success.