2019 Honda Odyssey could be one of those nostalgic turns to great family trips with full suitcases and dog on the rear seats. It was a long time ago when vans were popular, and it seems that crossovers and SUVs simply replaced their places. Why would anyone want to back those large and robust, non-functional and ugly large vehicles? The answer could be sorry for old days, but let’s face it; vans have some features that SUVs cannot offer. When it comes to Odyssey, Honda redesigned the last model, making it bigger and better equipped, so we do not have much to expect aside from the modernizing and improving in details.


2019 Honda Odyssey has changed design only in details, where manufacturer added only a few curves and lines on the side and end of the car. Since the last model had undergone changes in design, there are no large changes here, including the same measures of the car. The recognizable front end has gridded grille with chromatic protection, large LED lights and thin and simple air intake on the bottom. The rear end has also simple and flat truck door with the same lights as on last model and few curves on the sides of the van.


It seems that the manufacturer wanted to improve functionality in 2019 Honda Odyssey, changing only those things that support this part. This time it has sliding the second row of the seats and new push-button transmission, together with more leg space for all passengers in the car. New, redesigned dashboard has only needed buttons and commands, with a large touchscreen in the middle. Most of the techniques are the same as on the previous model.


As much 2019 Honda Odyssey looks like massive robust and sluggish van, it has strong 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. The engine gets 10-speed automatic transmission only and front-wheel driving system; even there were many complaints about that. Other numbers are not known by now but expect similarities with the previous model.

2019 Honda Odyssey Release Date and Price

With all mentioned, 2019 Honda Odyssey has many reasons to be attractive in years to come. After releasing, when could be during this summer, it will be at saloons for the base price of $30,000 or slightly higher, in accordance with equipment future buyer demands. It is expected that this car will be the main competitor to models like Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna, so time will say if it succeeded in that competition.