2019 Honda Crosstour will surely surprise faithful fans and buyers since the last model was withdrawn in 2015. The reason for that resolution was poor selling, but it seems that people have not forgotten this cute and attractive vehicle. As it always has been a symbol of sophistication in combination with luxury and elegance and this time it comes as a vehicle with the great engine under the hood.


At first glance, 2019 Honda Crosstour looks like Honda Accord, mostly because of long and thin front end and very thin LED lights that follow the line of the hood. However, the car has much-lowered roof than other models made in Honda and short rear end that has slightly sharper lines and edges and represents the end of the sloped roof. However, we were not being able to see the real size and shape of the car could be changed until the final version is on the market. Be prepared for much more aggressive and muscular car than other Honda models, provided by the wider bumper and large rear lights.


It seems that the cabin of 2019 Honda Crosstour has undergone the least changes. Even design of the cabin looks old-fashioned and has equipment that the manufacturer put in 2012 model. Some of them are a rearview camera, which is not changed from then. Let be honest, there are such things like the automated braking system, forward collision system, traction control, departure warning system and lane watch electronic system. Together with that comes think leather on the seats in combination with dark grey materials, so we expect some luxury in combination with tradition.


Even the engine in 2019 Honda Crosstour is the same 3.5-liter V6 that we remember from the last model, at least in one of the trim versions. That engine comes with the six-speed automatic transmission, also already used in the previous model. Together with that should be offered 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and 3.5-liter VTEC inline-six which is actually combined with the five-speed automatic transmission, which the manufacturer estimated as the best combination with this engine. There is also provided all-wheel driving system together with the front-wheel system in the base model.

2019 Honda Crosstour Release Date and Price

2019 Honda Crosstour will cost around $29,000 in case that buyer does not demand additional equipment. Thanks to that price and other details it could be a very serious competitor to models like Nissan Juke and Mazda CX-3 or even much more competitive than other models in this class.