2019 Maserati Alfieri is a model that Maserati made to fulfill their line of great sporty and fast cars, with elegantly shaped chassis and comfortable cabin. There should be two engines offered there and many details in order to be attractive to buyers.


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2019 Maserati Alfieri should be made on a completely new platform that can carry new electric engine and power it sends to the wheels. That is first information we have heard from Maserati and journalists from Autocar. However, how that platform will look like we still cannot describe. If it shows good results and buyer accept it, the new platform should be found on all other models made in Maserati next year. New Alfieri is designed to be not only aerodynamic but to be very attractive, too. Its long gridded front grille supports the trapezoidal shape of the lights, with LED line on the bottom instead of daylights. The rear end is short, as on every sporty car, with interesting rounded shape, without extra lines and with modernly designed rear lights that are actually LED lines curved on the sides of the bumper. The bottom of the rear end has two large exhausts on the sides.


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The cabin in 2019 Maserati Alfieri is comfortable but also sporty and small, with great adjustable seats and many additions on them in order to be more comfortable. The simple and elegant dashboard has futuristic blue light beside the wheel, with information screen and brown letters. The cabin is made of a combination of light and dark grey. The rear seats look a little tight, but that is resolved with their shape and adjustable functions.


Basically, 2019 Maserati Alfieri should be equipped with the strong twin-turbocharged V6 engine in this version, made to be debuted this year. In case that you are wondering, yes, that means dropping from the V8 engine that is used in the current model to a weaker version. The reason is strong regulations about CO2 emission and fuel consumption that are brought in past few years. However, for us should be more interesting another version, all-electric engine that Maserati plans to make for 2024. It is the fully electric engine which does not consume fuel at all. It is also made to follow legislation. Some rumors claim that it will be a completely new model of electric engine used on cars, so we should be patient to see how it really looks like.

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2019 Maserati Alfieri Release Date and Price

As we said, 2019 Maserati Alfieri should be on the market this year but only a version with a petrol engine, while another option, with all electric engine, could be found next year or at the end of this year.