2019 Maserati Ghibli is the old name and very popular among fans of this car. Since the first model has been released in 1966, name Ghibli has been a synonym for elegance, luxuries and great engine performances, so there is no reason to not be the same with this version. As we saw on photos, new Ghibli still has a great elegant design, made to be perfectly combined with a classic shape and recognizable design of the car. All of these are not possible without great engine performances, which Ghibli surely has this time, so all together it is a perfect luxury car for special types of drivers.


Fans of this car noticed that there are no many changes in the exterior design of 2019 Maserati Ghibli from the last model, so there is still impressive gridded front grille and thin LED lights on the sides on the front end, perfectly designed to perform cat-eye shape and look. This longer but lowered front end has a slightly curved hood and chubby sides of the bumper. The higher rear end, on the other hand, looks at the end of steep rear windows and has thin rear lights, spread on the sides of the car and thin spoiler on the truck door.


Even though there will be sporty and a luxury version of the interior offered with 2019 Maserati Ghibli, both will be very attractive and elegant. There is a combination of brown old-fashioned leather and dark grey plastic with chromatic details. However, high technology is above average in this class.


The basic model of 2019 Maserati Ghibli gets the same engine as the current model and that is 3.0-liter V6 two-turbocharged engine made by Ferrari. This engine produces 350 horsepower and it is able to increase the speed of 60 mph for only 5.5 seconds. Stronger versions will have slightly different engines, so there could be found an engine that produces 410 horsepower of strength and has increased time of 5 seconds, while the manufacturer has prepared a diesel engine in some versions, too.

2019 Maserati Ghibli Release Date and Price

There is no clear information about releasing date for 2019 Maserati Ghibli, but we are sure that it could be at the end of 2018 and not before that. Starting price will be around $73,000 but according to all these car offers; it is an acceptable price for the car in this range. Together with the basic model, there will be two more versions named as Quattro and S model.