For truly speed fans, 2019 McLaren P1 is another great vehicle that will fulfill all their dreams. Made to be similar to with Formula 1, but to be also a commercial car that only special (or it is better to say “wealthy”) buyers can afford, this car has many features to talk about. Not only that it has great strength and fast engine, it is perfectly designed to be like Formula 1 with some details taken from competitors, like Porsche’s truck and rear end. However, there is no real competition for this car, as its features are simply unique.


You may be interested in materials used for 2019 McLaren P1, since it is represented as fast and lightweight car. The platform is made of lightweight materials, but more speed adds special aerodynamic shape to the car. There is curved and thin front end, with thin LED front lights and flat hood over them. The rear end looks similar to Porsche 918, with a highly positioned spoiler on the truck door. More speed allows two large air intakes on the hood and additional intake on the roof, while the low position o the car and large tires also help for extra speed.


The manufacturer has made a great combination of a sporty design and classic look of the cabin, so you will see sporty steering wheel and pedals, decorated with chrome in combination with quality fabric and soft seats. There is a large touchscreen in the middle, positioned at a perfect angle to be reachable and small and curved speedometer behind the steering wheel.


When it comes to the engine, 2019 McLaren P1 simply has to be strong and fast, as the model made to be similar to F1. That is the first thing people will ask about, so manufacturer was not embarrassed with some simple and slow versions. In this car, you will see the 3.8-liter turbocharged engine with 900 horsepower, which is much above average sporty cars. You may do not believe, but acceleration time for this engine is 2.3 seconds, which is way faster than any sporty car we know about.

2019 McLaren P1 Release Date and Price

Firstly showed at Paris Auto Show, 2019 McLaren P1 waits long and very well selling season. Even the price of more than $1,000,000 is not too much, according to the manufacturer, as first 375 models have already been sold before first showing in public. Those who were lucky to drive this car said that sitting in this car is a special experience that not everyone can feel.