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Patent Drawings

You would think that the model depicted in the patent drawings was the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer, but it is actually more likely that it is a production version of the plug-in hybrid Yuntu concept that was just showcased in Shanghai at the auto show this past April. If you look closely, the greenhouse design and wheel arches of the model in the drawings look nearly identical to the ones on the Yuntu Concept, and so does the grille design.

There are some slight differences between the two models, though. First of all, the 3-Row Jeep SUV in the sketches appears to have a longer overhang at the front and in the back. It also has a slightly lower. Furthermore, the drawings model features some extra-wide C-pillars and a somewhat thicker tailgate. The lights also aren’t as flashy as the ones on the Yuntu Concept. They are a bit more toned-down, as it is expected for a production model. Based on the low approach and departure angles in the drawings model, it would be safe to say that this upcoming 3-Row Jeep SUV won’t be a serious contender when it comes to off-road capabilities.

3-Row Jeep SUV Release Date and Price

There is still not word on whether Jeep is planning to develop the Yuntu concept at some point. Right now it looks promising that we will see the 3-Row Jeep SUV version of the Yuntu on the streets in a near future. However, due to its lack off-roading capabilities we don’t really expect this new model to be sold on the US market, at least not right away. Most likely, the 3-row model will only be offered on the Asian markets.

Next up from Jeep in the US is the updated version of the Wagoneer. We expect to see it in the showrooms by the end of next year. The 2019 model of the Wagoneer will be a full-size SUV, underpinned by a body-on-frame platform that can also be found in the the next-generation Ram 1500. It will be offered in the standard model size, extra-big, and extra-plush.