2019 Toyota GT-86 is new race cars from Toyota but made on the popular platform and with slightly changed details from the last model. The main change is in term of design, while the engine should be the same as on the current model.


2019 Toyota GT-86 took some details from popular sporty race cars, mostly in the long front end and very short rear end, but there are some similarities with the cars that cooperate with Toyota, too. The new GT-86 could be made on TNGA platform as other Toyota cars and cooperate with Subaru as before. However, it is classic race coupe, possibly convertible, low positioned and improved in few details. It is for sure that lights are made in LED technology, while front end should be more massive and aggressive than before. The car is visibly longer and wider than before, but thanks to lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber it allows higher speed and stable driving.


Changing in size of 2019 Toyota GT-86 enlarged the cabin in this car, so we expect wider and a longer cabin with much more features and devices than before. Firstly, there are highly comfortable seats, shaped to support driver on speed driving, covered with red and black fabric. In front of the driver is wide and modernly designed dashboard with full equipment commanded from buttons placed on the wide center cluster. There is wide touchscreen there, too, with all important information and great sporty steering wheel in front of a large speedometer. There are few interesting details taken from sporty race cars, like pedals and decoration on doors. We expect rich safety system as well as numerous driving assistant features.


Although the engine that manufacturer has planned to put under the hood of 2019 Toyota GT-86 is still not known, there is no reason to change powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is offered with the current model. Knowing that this engine sends 250 horsepower of strength, we can be sure that buyers were satisfied with it by now. That engine also showed great numbers on speed driving tests, so now it increases the speed of 60 mph for only 6.8 seconds. The planned transmission should be the same six-speed automatic one. The car also is driven by rear wheels as before.

2019 Toyota GT-86 Release Date and Price

There are no expected changes in the price of 2019 Toyota GT-86 from the last model, so it could cost $27,000 when buyer order base model. That is highly competitive price, knowing that this car is almost in the same class with very popular cars like Chevrolet Corvette, Ferrari 488GT, and Porsche 718 Boxter.