2019 Toyota FT-1 is represented in January 2014 on North American International Auto Show and since then we had no information about this car anymore. Fortunately, it is expected that the manufacturer will offer it by the end of the year, with many interesting improvements from the prototype we saw four years ago.


It is obvious that 2019 Toyota FT-1 is made to be a race car, so its design should follow that purposes. That is why the car has low and wide front end together with short curved rear end with a wide and highly positioned spoiler on the truck door allows speed driving and better control. There are some similarities with Supra and Scion, but only in the design of front lights and shape of the car. The lower position of the car provides more stability while curved lines on the sides of the car should provide more aerodynamic.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota FT-1 is made as on every other race cars driver-only, or it is better to say, focused on speed driving. That is why the shape and position of the driver’s seat are specially made to allow driver focusing on the road, together with the simple and minimalistic dashboard. Many of equipment is only for speed driving, as there are no such features as on cars for families. However, there are modernly designed seats, made in the red and black combination and perfectly shaped driver’s seat.


Even though it is not for sure which engine will exactly be under the hood of 2019 Toyota FT-1, there are few details that manufacturer shared as a clue. It could be a six-cylinder twin-turbo or turbocharged engine with at least 425 horsepower of strength, to be competitive with other race cars. For the same reasons, the manufacturer should offer an engine that could increase the speed of 60 mph for less than 4 seconds. As we have heard, it could be the engine that is made in BMW factory. However, the most interesting thing about this engine is glass hood, so buyers will be able to see how it works.

2019 Toyota FT-1 Release Date and Price

It is expected that 2019 Toyota FT-1 cost more than $60,000 which is the average price for race cars. However, that is not much different from the price of current sports models and surely could be even higher when this concept car is finally on the market. It is hard to define which competitors for this model are, as FT-1 is made to be a unique concept car, but let’s say that it could be Chevrolet Corvette, Lamborghini Hurican, and Ferrari 488GT.